Exterior Wall Coating Guide

So you’ve noticed that your homes’ external walls are in need of maintenance, as they have become an eye sore. Well, fret not, there’s products available on the market. Resin wall coating and render can transform and protect your walls for years to come.

Although they’re both similar in the fact that they help transform the external appearance of homes, wall coating and rendering are two separate products. Let’s just start with wall rendering.

Wall rendering

Wall rendering is done usually on the external walls of homes. It is the process of applying a render of cement and sand to the required surface. It is often used as a substitute for paint, although home owners often choose to have the render pained or coloured. The primary benefit of wall rendering is that it strengthens the structure of the wall. It slows down any degradation from the weather and atmosphere. It also slows down erosion. The process of wall rendering is done in such a manner that it fills all the deficiencies previously present in the walls. Render can also help to enhance the aesthetics of a home.

Resin Wall Coatings

Resin based paint is applied to walls, coating and protecting them against the elements of nature. Resin wall coating paint is available in different colours and when applied can rejuvante the overall external appearance of a property. Although the UK may not receive quite as much sun as we may like, it’s still worth checking that the resin you choose to be applied to your home is guaranteed against fading in the sun.

Render V Resin Quotes

Whether you’re thinking of getting wall coating or rendering applied to your homes’ external walls, it’s worth contacting local specialists to compare their services and prices. Local renderers and wall coaters will be able to provide more info, advice and provide costs for their available renovation services.