Scaffolding Erectors

What is scaffolding?

Saffolding is used to provide safe access to structures in need of repair, cleaning, renovation or improvement. Traditional scaffolding is temporary metal tubular structure, erected by trained professionals.

In time, structures get old and weathered, they need to be renovated, cleaned and repaired, in order to aid access scaffold is erected. Homes require maintenance of improvements like double glazing and solar panels, therefore scaffolding is required to provide a safe working platform for workers.

Services Of A scaffolding Company

Professional scaffolders have a huge experience structuring and erecting scaffolding for different buildings including homes, factories, churches, bridges and office blocks. Home scaffolding aids loft extension, painting, roof repair, cleaning, solar panel installation and replacement double glazing. Commercial scaffolding, on the other hand, is used for larger projects and structures like schools, offices and churches.

Safety Evaluation

As with every work process, safety for both public and the workers is important when evaluating a project. Professional scaffolders that have good experience evaluate the site and carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the site is safe during the erection, use and dismantling of the tubular access platform.

Surveys and Quotations

Trained scaffolders provide customers with free no obligation quotes after a site survey. The cost of scaffold helps customers budget better for any home improvement or renovation. Although, some home improvement businesses may give customers an all in price which may include the cost of access equipment.


A reputable and experienced scaffolding company will have online reviews and feedbacks from previous clients. Reading reviews can help customers make a good decision. The feedback from other clients will also gives clues about the kind of services your potential company provides. You will also be able to establish the reliability of that company, and how satisfied the previous clients were.


You need to be sure that the work process is fully insured against anything that could go wrong. It’s worth checking scaffolders public liabaility insurance.