Fascias And Soffits

Home owners spend money on internal home improvements, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to make a home look more appealing, but oftentimes, get lost in this process, forgetting about the exterior. Upvc fascias and soffits play an important role in protecting homes against the external elements of nature.

Though Fascias and Soffits may not come tops when it comes to home improvements, they play a role in protecting the interior part of the property against the elements of nature.

Unlike upvc fascias and soffits, wooden require maintenance, painting / varnishing and rots. Replacement fascia and soffit boards not only improve a home’s appearance they are low maintenance.

What Are Fascias And Soffits?


A fascia is a board that you can use to cover the edges of your roof and is attached to the guttering. Fascias protect the structure of your rafter ends, they also protect the interior from the unfavorable weather elements. Some home are absent of fascia boards and may have guttering attached directly to the ends of the rafters, however, adding upvc boards may be an option to consider if thinking of upgrading a roofline. A popular board width is 18mm.


Soffits provide cover for your roof edges and run along wall edges of a house. Soffits seal the rafter and are fitted under the fascia board. A popular width of soffit installed is 8mm.

Fascias and soffits can transform the exterior of a home to make it more appealing.

Roofline Upgrade Needed?

Some of the signs that your fascias and soffits may be needing replacing or repairing include:


Could your fascias and soffits do with some paint or varnish? If so, instead of the on going cost of maintenance, why not upgrade your to upvc and enjoy the benefit from saving time and money on maintenance.


If you are a homeowner with an existing fascia and soffits made of timber, this could be a challenge to take care of. The moment rot appears on your timber, the best solution is to replace when it as soon it gets worse because there is virtually nothing you can do to stop the spread. You may want to consider other alternatives like uPVC. They are fast and easy to install for a reputable roofline installer. Once installed they are maintenance free and guaranteed against, rotting, cracking, warping and discolouring.


A lot of older homes were constructed using asbestos. They were a popular building material and asbestos can be found in a roofline and replaced by professionals.

Damaged Fascias And Soffits

Just like any feature in any part of the home, be it exterior or interior, fascia and soffit boards are also susceptible to breakage as long as they are exposed to unfavorable elements.

Choosing A Roofline Installer

Price is always a factor when considering replacment fascias and soffits, therefore, contact several installers to comapare the work offered and their prices. Ensure you know exactly what type of installation you will receive, a full replacement or cap over?

A reputable fitter will hold public liability insurance and offer insurance backed guarantees on their work.